Last one to leave the office again… #workaholic

07.23.14 @ 20:301

Thank you everyone for all the lovely #birthday messages. As I get older I am starting to truly understand just how difficult it is to hold onto friendships, and for that, I’d like to thank those who see me as one even if we may not talk all that often.

07.21.14 @ 20:01

Oh #Google, you shouldn’t have.

07.21.14 @ 10:38

Shattered. Thank you and good night, München. @redbull

07.20.14 @ 02:301

In Munich for X-Fighters. Thank you @redbull for the hospitality! x (at Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich)

07.19.14 @ 15:202

Peep. #lunchbreak #selfie #becausewhynot

07.16.14 @ 12:02

#SuperSleepyTuesday #Selfie #UpYourEyebrowGame

07.15.14 @ 15:01

For those wondering if we get a “day-off” in Germany, the long answer is: “It’s 8pm and I’m still working alone at the office.”

07.14.14 @ 19:03

Sporting the colours of #GER on this glorious Monday. #GoodMorning

07.14.14 @ 07:06